1. The Competition will be held from  19th-20 th of October 2019 in Branicki Palace in Białystok

2. The competition is open to all amateur choirs from Poland and abroad.

3. The choirs may compete in the following categories:

A. Choirs with more than 24 singers
B. Chamber choirs – 16-24 singers
C. Vocal ensembles – 6 – 15 singers
D. Children and youth choirs (>20 years old)*
E. Musica Sacra
F. Contemporary music

        * 20% of the choir members may be older or younger than required

4.  The Competition is for amateur choirs only.

5.  The choirs may compete in three (3) categories maximum.

6.  Performance time on stage, including the entry and exit as well as pauses between songs, is 10 to 20 minutes. Exceeding the competition presentation time will result in the termination of the performance, which will prevent the evaluation of the interpretation of the song.

7. Each choir from categories A to C prepares a repertoire consisting of 4 pieces, (3 a cappella  at leastincluding 1 composition by the choir’s national composer:

• a piece of the Renaissance or Baroque era
•a piece composed in the years 1750 – 1950
•a piece composed after 1950
•any piece chosen by the choir

8. Choirs from the D category are required to prepare a repertoire of 4 positions, including at least 2 a cappella pieces and at least one of by the choir’s national composer.

9. The E category ( Musica Sacra) requires 4 compositions, including one of the choir’s national composer (3 a cappella at least).

10. The F category  of contemporary music requires 4 compositions, written after 1950 including at least one of by the choir’s national composer (3 a cappella at least).


1. Performances of the choirs will be evaluated by an international Jury consisting of at least 3 – members, appointed by the organisers.

2. The Jury members will evaluate the performances of the choirs by taking into consideration:
• intonation and diction
• voice emission quality and the choir’s vocal culture
• the interpretation of works, including both the correct reading of the score and the performance style typical for a given era
• the choice of a repertoire and the general artistic effect of the competition performance

3.  The Jury’s decisions are final.

4.  The jury may elect not to grant some of the awards due to artistic reasons.



1. The following award are arranged for in each of the categories:
90 – 100 points Golden Diploma, 1st place – PLN 2000 (450€)
80 – 90 points Silver Diploma
70 – 80 points Bronze Diploma

2. The winners of the categories  – the ensembles which achieved the highest rank in Golden Diploma range,  will participate in an additional competition audition for the Competition’s GRAND PRIX Award in the amount of PLN 6000 (1350 €). For this competition the choirs will present one selected song from the competition repertoire.

3.  Special Prize – Golden Cup founded by the Principal of the Choir Department of Instrumental – Pedagogical Department of Fryderyk Chopin Univeristy of Music will be awarded to the choir with the unique culture of the sound among the participating ensembles.


1. Choirs wishing to participate in the Competition are invited to send a legibly filled application form along with a recording of at least 2 songs performed by the choir during the past three years .For that please fill the on – line application or send the above materials to our e-mail address:

Please send us you application no later than 25th of August 2019.

2. Together with the application form, you should send the confirmation of the payment of the entry fee in the amount of PLN 300 per choir for each category.
The entry fee should be paid to bank account No:  23 8769 0002 0156 5294 2000 0010 (Spółdzielczy Bank Rozwoju) until 25 th of  August 2019.
Title of the payment should include the Competition name and the participating choir name.

3. If a choir does not qualify for the festival, the entry fee will be returned.

4.The entry fee will not be returned if a choir qualifies for the Competition and decides to resign.

5. The decision about the qualification of each choir to the Competition will be made by the Artistic Board of the Competition.

6. The list of choirs qualified for the Competition will be announced on the Competition website until 10th of September 2019. The choirs are responsible for the scores used during the festival and any copyrights resulting therefrom.

7. The choirs will bear the costs of transport, accommodation and meals on their own. The organiser offers help in finding the accommodation for the choirs.

8. Please send all your inquiries to our e-mail address –