Welcome at the International Choir Competition “Cantu  Gaudeamus” (Rejoice in Singing!), which forth edition will be held on October 19th – 20th, 2019 in beautiful Aula Magna of baroque Branicki Palace in Białystok, Poland.

The aim of the Competition is  not only to create the arena of emulation but also a platform to exchange your experiance and thoughts on choral singing with other ensembles, so the competition would bring you new inspiration in your artistic work. We hope you’ll find this initiative, brought to life by choral enthusiasts, interesting and you’ll join us in 2019.

For more informations on repertoire and categories, please check “Regulations” or contact us by email: info@cantugaudeamus.pl.

We wait for your application untill 25th of August. You can apply on-line (please check the tab “Edition 2019”) or send us the application form (see: “Download”)

Hope to see you (and hear you) in Białystok on October, 2019!